Symbolic picture sworn interpreter English-German Dresden: two people negotiating.
Interpreting at a notary's office

Professional interpreting services

Do you need an interpreter for your appointment with a notary or a public authority?


As a publicly appointed and sworn interpreter for the English language, I can support you in your business activities or dealings with the German authorities.


I offer the following forms of interpreting:



Consecutive interpreting


In so-called consecutive interpreting, what is said is transmitted with a delay (consecutively). While the speaker is speaking, the interpreter takes notes and only afterwards translates what has been said into another language. This form of interpreting is suitable, for example, for short speeches at official events. Usually, the interpreter translates only into one direction. This is also called unilateral interpreting. No special equipment is needed to work with a consecutive interpreter. However, this type of interpreting requires a lot of time. Therefore, simultaneous interpreters (or conference interpreters) are primarily used for conferences, guided tours around factories or company tours with larger groups of visitors. They translate what is said quasi simultaneously into another language. However, this requires special equipment (interpreter booth, portable sound transmission system, etc.). Please note that I am currently not working as a conference interpreter.




Liaison interpreting (conversation interpreting)


Liaison interpreting (also called conversation interpreting) is a special form of consecutive interpreting. It is particularly suitable for interpreting during interviews or in business negotiations. The interpreter transfers individual sentences or short units of meaning with a delay to facilitate communication between two people, or one person and a small group of people. In order to ensure understanding between the interlocutors, the interpreter translates into both languages (bilateral interpreting).




Preparation for the assignment


In order for me to be able to prepare for the interpreting assignment in the best possible way, I would like to ask for your assistance. Please provide me with all documents that are to be read out and interpreted at your appointment. In the case of a notary's appointment, this could be, for example, a purchase agreement, articles of association or a power of attorney. You should send me these documents at least 48 hours before the appointment. Contact your notary or the authority and ask them to prepare the documents in time and have them sent to you.




Travel expenses


For assignments within the city of Dresden, I do not charge for travel expenses. If the location of the assignment is outside the city of Dresden, travel expenses are to be paid by the client. I make sure to travel as fast and as cheap as possible to keep the costs low for you.

Request a free quote

Do you have any questions? Would you like a quote? Call me so that we can talk about your options. Or simply use the contact form. I will be happy to send you a free quote for my interpreting services.


Please specify the matter as well as the place, date and time of the planned interpreting appointment. I will be happy to reserve the date for you up to seven days before the scheduled start. You should confirm the assignment as soon as possible, otherwise I may be unavailable at the time of the appointment.

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