Certified translation

I can help you to translate birth certificates, marriage certificates, contracts, and other official documents. As a translator sworn by the Higher Regional Court Dresden, Germany, for the English language (in Germany referred to as "öffentlich bestellter und allgemein beeidigter Übersetzer"), I can also certify my translations in the language pair English-German. These translations carry a stamp and signature and are accepted by all courts, public authorities, institutions, and employers in Germany. If you wish, you can also get an apostille or legalisation.


Printed translations are of permanent document quality.


Of course, your certified translation will be stored and can be re-issued whenever you may need it.




Please send your documents as a scan (easy to read) via e-mail or as a print via mail. Please indicate if you are sending original documents. I will send you a free estimate based on the documents submitted. After your confirmation of order, you will receive the certified translation via mail within a few working days. If desired, I can send you a draft of the translation via e-mail in advance so that you can check if everything is ok. If this is the case, I will print your translation on high-quality paper and certify its completeness and accuracy with stamp and signature. Afterwards, I will send the translation to you by registered mail. If you wish, you can also pick up the translation personally at my office.


Please note: The attestation clause on the translation must state whether I have received the original, certified copy or uncertified copy of your documents. Therefore, please contact the institution to which you would like to submit the translation beforehand to find out what conditions apply to the recognition of the translation. However, you can send me your documents as a scan or a photocopy to prepare a quotation.



Call me today to discuss your project or simply use the contact form to get your free and non-binding estimate within minutes.

Price and Scope of Service

Service Price (in EUR, plus VAT)
Editing, simple (per standard page*) 3.50
Editing, extensive (per standard page*) 5.50
Editing translation (per hour up to 1,000 words of source text) 55.00
Translation, general texts (per word of source text) from 0.12
Translation, technical texts (per word of source text) from 0.15
Translation of advertising text, claim/slogan (per hour) from 75.00 or flat rate
Translation, certified (per standard line*) 1.55 to 2.05
Apostille/Legalisation for certified translations (per document) 40.00
Second copy of a translation 15.00
Desktop publishing and other additional services (per hour) 55.00
Rush fee for overnight and weekend jobs + 25%
Shipping 3.75
Minimum order value 40.00

Subject to change without notice.


* One standard line is 55 characters (incl. spaces). One standard page is 1,500 characters (incl. spaces).