symbolic image for revision and editing services for German, English, French and Danish texts in Dresden: a pair of binoculars as a metaphor for precise proofreading.
Hunting for errors – I take a very close look when I edit your text

What texts should be proofread?

Spelling, punctuation, grammar, readability and writing style—precise revising and editing of


  • German,
  • English,
  • French, or
  • Danish texts


Your text will always be proofread by a qualified native speaker of the respective language.


Among others, I offer proofreading services for the following texts: 


  • bachelor thesis, master thesis, diploma thesis, PhD thesis
  • leaflets
  • product brochures
  • flyer
  • advertising texts
  • concept papers
  • exposés
  • websites
  • presentations
  • newsletters
  • press releases
  • manuscripts for specialized literature, scientific articles and papers (especially in the fields of linguistics as well as applied linguistics and translatology)
  • books (e.g. fiction and non-fiction, books for children)
  • technical documentation, user manuals

Are editing and revising the same thing?



During editing, your document will be checked with respect to spelling, grammar and punctuation. However, linguistic and writing style improvements are not part of the simple editing process. 





During revising, all problems regarding spelling, grammar and punctuation are fixed. Furthermore, your text will be checked for readability, suitability for the target audience, sentence structure and style. The result will be a linguistic and writing style improvement that may include revising hard to understand parts of your text. If desired, your text can also be checked for accurate lexis, e.g. technical terms. Simple editing is always included in the price.

How can I order proofreading services?

For a quote, please send your documents to be checked (for example as .doc, .pdf, or printed) and tell me if the text requires editing or revision (see above). The price depends on the length and subject matter of your text. Rates are calculated per standard page (1,500 characters including spaces).


In the case of Word files, all corrections will be made using the "Track changes" option. This allows you to localize and understand all corrections and comments at all times. You can accept all changes or reject single ones.


If this work is too time-consuming for you: don't worry—you also get a file with all changes already included. You can use this document right away.


In the case of PDF files, all parts of the text that need to be corrected are marked and all proposals for modification are listed on the right side of the document using the comment function.


Printed documents are revised according to DIN 16511.

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