Are you looking for a translator, editor or copywriter?


I am a certified translator and transcreator for English, Danish, French and German.


As a sworn translator, I offer certified translations for all official documents. 


I also specialize in the revision and translation of texts in the fields of economics, photography/imaging and graphic arts, corporate communication and advertising (transcreation).


Language and Translation Services Ralph Smyreck is a boutique translation agency in Leipzig, the largest city in Saxony. No matter if you need a revision of your text, a certified translation for official documents and certificates or a technical translation—I offer fast, personal and uncomplicated help.


I look forward to your enquiry.

A picture of Ralph Smyreck – Specialist Translator, Editor and Transcreator for English, French, Danish and German in Leipzig
Ralph Smyreck, M. A. – Specialist Translator and Transcreator

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All services at a glance

I offer the following language services ...


Technical translation service for English, Danish, French and German in Leipzig

I can translate your documents in the fields of economics and technology from and into German, English, Danish or French. To achieve consistent translations and the best quality, I use modern translation tools. 

Certified Translation

Certified translation service for English and German in Leipzig

With stamp and signature: certified translations of diplomas, certificates, contracts and other official documents for courts, a public authority, university or your employer. Apostille or legalisation possible.

Proofreading (Translation)

Proofreading of translations in English, Danish, French and German in Leipzig

You have received a translation and would like to have it checked before publication? I can proofread your documents translated from and into German, English, Danish or French. As an experienced translator, I can detect content-related errors or poor wording and can adapt the style of the translation to your target audience.


Transcreation and copywriting service for English, Danish, French and German in Leipzig

I can write compelling marketing texts or use a transcreation to adapt your existing advertisement written in English, Danish or French to make sure that your products will sell on the German market. In addition, I offer cultural consultation services such as a brand name check to avoid cultural traps and misunderstandings.


Proofreading service for German in Leipzig

I can check your documents regarding grammar, spelling, punctuation, readability and style. In doing so, I keep an eye on your target group and adapt your texts accordingly if necessary.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing service in Leipzig

Typesetting and layout: Thanks to modern desktop publishing tools, I can make sure that your documents are typographically correct and perfectly designed in the final format.


What some of my clients say ...

"We are very satisfied with the high quality and professional work Ralph does and look forward to working with him for many years to come."


- Tea C. Dietterich, CEO at 2M Language Services, Australia

"I would like to thank you for the great cooperation that we have. Even if I’m a bit late with the source texts, I always get my translations on time. I’m glad to have you as my translator and would be happy to continue our cooperation for many years to come. Kind regards."


- Frank Fiedler, CEO at Frank Fiedler Gestaltungsservice, Berlin

"In his translation work, he especially made himself familiar with the terminology requested by the client and used it throughout all translations. Other specialist translators (...) praised Mr. Smyreck’s translations for their consistently high quality."

- Intercontact GmbH Schälike, Dresden

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