Are you looking for a professional translator, editor, or copywriter?


I'm a graduate translator and transcreator for English, Danish, French, and German with expertise in public relations, marketing/advertising as well as in economics.

What can I do for you today?


Technical translation service for English, Danish, French and German in Leipzig

I can translate your documents from English, Danish, or French into German, and from German into English. To achieve the best quality, I use modern translation tools. 

Certified translation

Certified translation service for English and German in Leipzig

With stamp and signature: certified translations of diplomas, certificates, contracts, and other official documents for courts, public authorities, or your employer. Apostille or legalisation possible.

Editing translation

Proofreading of translations in English, Danish, French and German in Leipzig

You have received a translation and would like to have it checked before publication? I can proofread your documents translated from English, Danish, or French into German. As an experienced translator, I can detect content-related errors, or poor wording, and can adapt the translation to your target audience.


Transcreation and copywriting service for English, Danish, French and German in Leipzig

 I can write compelling marketing texts or adapt your existing advertisement written in English, Danish, or French to make sure that your products and services will sell on the German-speaking market. In addition, I offer cultural consultation services such as a brand name check to avoid cultural traps, and misunderstandings.


Proofreading service for German in Leipzig

I can check your German documents regarding grammar, spelling, punctuation, readability, and style. In doing so, I keep an eye on your target group and adapt your texts accordingly if necessary.

Desktop publishing

Desktop publishing service in Leipzig

Typesetting and layout: Thanks to modern desktop publishing tools, I can make sure that your documents are typographically correct and perfectly designed in the final format.