Prices and Scope of Service

The prices quoted are given for reference only. The final costs depend on various factors, such as complexity, scope, and delivery time. I will be happy to prepare an individual quote for you after checking the source text.

Service Price (in EUR, plus VAT)
Editing, simple (per standard page*) 3.50
Editing, extensive (per standard page*) 5.50
Editing translation (per hour) 55.00
Translation, general texts (per word of source text) from 0.12
Translation, technical texts (per word of source text) from 0.15
Transcreation (adaptation of public relations and marketing text, claim/slogan) rate based on project
Certification (per document) 15.00
Apostille/Legalisation (per document) 40.00
Second copy of a translation 15.00
Desktop publishing and other additional services (per hour) 55.00
Rush fee for overnight and weekend jobs + 25%
Shipping 3.75
Minimum order value 40.00

Subject to change without notice.


* One standard page is 1,500 characters (incl. spaces).

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