Every text is unique, every project is different. The price for a translation or other language services depends on various factors, such as the length of your text and the level of difficulty, the file format or the turnaround time.


Generally, the price for a translation is calculated according to the number of words or standard lines. A standard line consists of 55 characters, including spaces. If you need a certified translation, I add a small surcharge per document.


For proofreading, the price depends on the number of standard pages. A standard page consists of 1,500 characters, also including spaces.


For the adaptation of advertising texts (transcreation), I charge individual project prices.


Other services (such as interpreting assignments or translation proofreading services) are billed by the hour or offered at half-day or day rates.


Do you need the translation very quickly? No problem. I will be happy to try to meet your deadline. Please keep in mind, however, that even an experienced translator cannot usually translate much more than 2,500 words per day. I will also add a small surcharge for an express translation.


I will be happy to prepare a free and non-binding quote after reviewing your source text.

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