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Compelling advertising texts in the language of your clients – thanks to transcreation services

What is a transcreation?

Do you want to promote your products abroad? You will need a transcreation each time your company wants to advertise its services in another country and desires a cultural adaptation of marketing texts or public relations material.


But what is the difference between translation and transcreation? Here is an example: You thought hard about the right words to get your message across. Your advertising text reads fluently, grabs the reader's attention and helps to sell your product. Your catchy slogan also works great in the original language. But if you translate the advertising text too literally into the target language, it could be completely awkward or make no sense at all. The consequences? Your product will not sell in the target country.


This is where transcreation comes in. The term transcreation is composed of the words translation and creation. Sometimes, a transcreation is therefore also called a creative translation. Per definition, a transcreation is essential to convey the original intent, style, tone and context of the marketing text or public relations material, while making it work in another language and culture. This means that special consideration must be given to the cultural context of the recipient of the text during this process. Unlike a normal translation, which closely follows the source text, the target text of a transcreation may therefore differ greatly from the original text.


This process is sometimes also called localization, cross-market copywriting or international copy adaptation. The meaning is always the same: making your foreign language marketing material as striking as its original.


As an experienced transcreator, I will find a creative translation strategy that fits your needs and business goals. I offer copywriting, localization and transcreation services for corporate communication from English to German, and French to German.  


I have also published a book on transcreation, in which I analyze the differences between English and German marketing texts and describe how advertising material can be translated.


Do you need a transcreation into English or French? Thanks to my network of professional transcreators for various target languages, I can help you to get this job done quickly.

When to use transcreation instead of translation?

A transcreation should be used for:


  • Slogans and claims
  • Advertisements
  • Product brochures 
  • Press releases for new products or service offers
  • Newsletters
  • Company brochures
  • Image brochures
  • Corporate magazines

  • Websites

  • Commemorative publications, anniversary publications
  • Corporate communication in social media

  • Sales letters/mailings

  • Internal communication/newsletters for employees

  • Magazine articles

  • Job adverts

  • CVs/résumés

  • Product catalogues (except parts lists)

  • Billboard advertising, posters

  • Talks, speeches

  • and other marketing material

Additional services as part of the transcreation process

In addition, I offer cultural consultation services such as:


  • Consulting for international advertising

What do you need to know when advertising on the German market? I can give you advice.


  • Finding internationally attractive product names

Product names have to sound good and create positive associations. I can help you find attractive product names for the German market (product name check).


  • Copywriting for multilingual product texts

Slogans, taglines, advertisements, press releases and any other corporate communication: a uniform brand language (the corporate tonality) is important. I can handle it.


  • Producing unique marketing texts designed to target a homogeneous or inhomogeneous audience

No matter who you want to reach or what you want to achieve with your text, I can find a solution.


  • Producing (inter)national marketing texts tailored to the culture and needs of your target group

I can adapt your marketing text to the individual needs of your target group in order to maximize your product sales.

Process and price

Please give me a call or write me an e-mail to discuss your project and I will send you a transcreation brief. Make sure to provide as much information as possible about your product and company as wells as any other relevant information. Afterwards, please send the completed transcreation brief and your marketing or public relations material. I will then send you a quote for the transcreation process.  


Localization and transcreation rates depend on several factors, e.g. the amount of different proposals you desire.


I generally provide a back-translation and comments/rationales for each proposed transcreation. You can then choose the version you like most.

Request a free quote

Please call me to discuss your project or use the contact form to get a free quote for transcreation services.

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